What is wrong with Fiat cars?

Question by Stranger In Portugal:

I hear a lot of people say Fiat cars suck. Since moving over here in 2003 to Portugal we bought our first European car which is a used 1999 Fiat Palio Weekend station wagon. We love it. We have only had a few problems with the car but nothing major like it falling apart and electrical problems that other people have experienced with Fiat cars. I think most of the problems that people have had with them are either exaggerated or not true. If Fiat cars suck then why do I see people driving them? What is wrong with Fiat Cars?

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Answer by Leon V
There’s nothing wrong with Fiat cars compared to other cars. They have the same problems generally. They do tend to rust a bit more than some but not as much as Fords, Hondas and Nissans. The name lends itself easily to the anachronism Fix It Again Tony. I’ve owned 11 Fiats and didn’t have any more problems with them then I did with any of the other dozens of cars I’ve owned over the years. Fiats are well built and economical to drive. They stopped importing them to the USA years ago I think mainly because of our strict emissions control laws. In the years that Fiats were imported to America they were little cars and Americans had(have) a love affair with bit gas gusslers. I think because of that they were considered cheaply built. I like them and hope that someday Fiat comes back to America.

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What do you think of DODGE cars, does it suck?

Question by I Love Jus:

I was on a website that defines slang. I searched up dodge, and people were defining dodge cars saying it’s grandpa technology. it drips oil, and that it breaks down after 50,000 miles.

I was thinking of getting a Dodge Charger. What is your take on Dodge cars, please tell me!
which model are you talking about. Do you think the newer Dodge cars are good? What do you recommend then? I think the Charger looks awesome.

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Answer by dodge man
well in my opinion there as good as anything else on the road ,they have always been the under dog when it comes to cars though ,they got a bad rep a long time ago,and have never been able live it down,but truthfully right now the newer ones are lasting a lot better than they used to,and the new cars also have better technology in them also,people are always going to talk about them though,just like fords,they also knock those,there’s always someone that wont like a car no matter what it is,its just nature,that’s why we have freedom of speech though, so everyone can express their opinion on things,good luck hope this helps.

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Does the standard head unit in a Daihatsu Sirion have a line out?

Question by Julian:

I was told that all you really need in order to attach a sub and amp to a car is for the HU to have a line out. So I need to know if the standard head unit that comes with a Daihatsu Sirion 1.3i Sport has one?


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Answer by Craig

go to a car audio store and purchase a line converter. what this does, is it transforms your rear speaker wires into usable red and white rca cable connections that you can then run to your amplifier.

it is a small white box with four wires on one side (right rear + and -, left rear + and -) you splice these wires into your factory wire harness directly behind the factory radio. you will have to check with daihatsu or the stereo shop to find out what the color code is for your wiring. after splicing is complete, on the other side of the white box is a connection for your red and white rca chords that will run to your amplifier for audio signal transfer.

add a 12v source from battery, ground and amp turn on from your ignition or radio turn on wire and your ready to rock.

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What do you think about Citroen cars?

Question by Toaster o’ Death:

I just want a general opinion about the cars made by citroen. especially the C4.

In my opinion, it is a very good car. Just a few remiders: 5 star EURO NCAP safety tests, good hdi diesel engines developed in colaboration with peugeot, very smooth suspension on all the citroens (go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tdEKmnWUy4 to see jeremy clarkson test it).

What do YOU think?

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Answer by Pete S
I think they’re French cars. ‘Nuff said.

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Why is this aston martin on cars.com soo cheap.?

Question by rsvp2anish:

It’s a 2005 Aston Martin DB9

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Answer by harleyhater
who cares it’s junk

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Why do so many people not know how to spell Alfa Romeo?

Question by Gary G:

How come so many people thinks it’s Alpha and not Alfa Romeo? All these so called fans of Alfas and they can’t spell the name right! Winds me up little. Anyway, does anyone out there have a 156 2.0 Twin Spark? Mines developed a strange revving issue at idle speeds. Any body know what this is….Alfa can’t tell me? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

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Answer by James M
Why don’t people know about basic spelling and grammar? I see so many messages which look as if they have been written by a three-year-old. I am not referring to your question at all, but since you asked about spelling Alfa Romeo it prompted me to ask about spelling in general.

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how is acura going to distinguish the interior of its cars from honda's cars?

Question by Philip Augustus:

how is acura going to distinguish the interior of its cars from honda’s cars? Right now they are about the same.

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Answer by Lisa H
i don’t agree with you at all…i have owned three acuras, presently driving a 2004 TL and find the acuras to be more luxurious than their honda counterparts. especially comparing the TL to the Accord. hondas are very bland and blah. acura is already fancier….so I don’t know what else you would do.

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How to use the headrest


Automobile head restraints are essential? Absolutely Yes and be used respecting some important rules! Gone are the days in which to save many motorists did not maintain this useful accessory, dismiss a priori the undisputed usefulness. A hypothesis now set aside by the same manufacturers that offer the modern car headrest as standard for all occupants on most models in price list.

Serve really?
Of course, even if what is perplexing is that still a mysterious object for too many motorists. There are a few to believe the headrest a simple decorative element, but is not so! In fact play a vital role for the passive safety and their correct use is capable of preventing serious injury.

Ammansiscono the “whiplash”
All we have heard of and some of you probably have also experienced the evil effects. Physically it is an unnatural movement of the head, a move beyond the limit of allowed. The situation the protagonist in rear-end collisions. When a vehicle is hit on the passenger’s body undergoes a force that pushes you forward violently. For inertia, however, retains its natural leaning backwards position. Subsequently the head “back office”, projected forward at a speed higher than the rest of the body.

The harm of “whiplash”
Fortunately, in most cases the impact is not as violent by tearing muscle fibres and consequences are “bound” (so to speak) to stretch the muscles and ligaments. Pain and recovery days so make sure you are!

We use the headrest?
So then comes into play this useful security system (we learn to know him as such). But we know better appreciation of the virtues? Here’s some advice. First “regoliamolo” in height so that the upper is at least 5 cm above the ear. The same regulation should also cover the “forward-backward”. We do so in such a way that the distance of the head restraint is not more than 6 cm. Only in this way we will avoid that in the event of impact, the travel of the head backwards is excessive. Also the location of the back and head are important. Try to adjust the seat so as to stand upright with her back so as not to distanziarvi too precious headrest!!!!

Situations where they are more likely to rear-end collisions (and consequent flicks) we next intersection (stop or traffic lights) and more generally in cases of poor visibility. Used with the well-lit wisdom of car as headlights, fog lights, arrows and, if possible, avoid sudden braking.