July 23, 2017

Not Done Yet: Volkswagen Owes California Another $154 Million for Diesel Deception

Over the past couple of years, the state of California has spent a lot of time and money, first unraveling Volkswagen’s deception on diesel emissions and then working to fix the mess. The state even made sure that VW has to pay a little more penance to the Golden State with settlement requirements such as […]


2017 Nissan Titan in Depth: Playing in the Pickup-Truck League Is Easy, But Winning Is Hard

The Titan has the same workhorse DNA as its pickup-truck peers, which results in similar physical attributes: immense exterior dimensions, remarkable capability, and extraordinary versatility. What separates the Nissan from its huge-selling domestic rivals—besides their decades of branding and devoted followings? Not as much as you would think. Pickup customers who chance a glance at […]


2017 Nissan Titan – In-Depth Review

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2018 Subaru Crosstrek Driven: It’s Golden

Panning through the vast array of compact crossovers in search of a golden high-riding hatch can return mixed results. Just like pioneers rushing to the Black Hills at the first rumors of gold, consumers flock to dealerships, purchasing the mini-utes turned out by factory mines at record rates. Subaru’s Crosstrek has been a favorite of […]


2018 Subaru Crosstrek – First Drive Review

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2018 Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo First Drive: Business in Back, Party up Front

German automakers are masters of spinning a single nameplate into an extensive spread of variants, with none better at doing so than Porsche. The Stuttgart-based brand slices its hallmark 911 into 22 slivers of body, powertrain, and drivetrain combinations. Now Porsche’s four-door car is getting in on that action with a subtle stretch of the […]


2018 Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo – First Drive Review

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Variable Valve Timing Explained: An Appreciation of How Quickly Engines Operate

From the August 2017 issue When it comes to the many variables of combustion inside an engine, engineers measure the timing of key events in degrees of crankshaft rotation, a relative frame of reference that remains constant without needing to compensate for the engine’s changing rpm. Absent a familiar, conventional time scale, it’s easy to […]


Getting to Know Jack, the Autonomous Audi That’s Lobbying Congress for Action

We were headed south on Interstate 395 leaving Washington, D.C., when Kaushik Raghu, principal engineer of Audi’s autonomous driving program, pressed a button on the steering wheel to engage one of the most sophisticated self-driving systems being tested today. A band of turquoise-colored lights across the top of the dashboard illuminated, a chime sounded, and […]

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2018 Ford F-150 Now Available as a Pursuit-Rated Cop Truck

Ford is pursuit rating all the things lately; it even applied the cop-readiness moniker to a Fusion hybrid earlier this year. Now comes a far different pursuit machine, based on the 2018 F-150. In both cases, the term “pursuit rated” is better viewed as a measure of each machine’s ability to slide into typical patrol […]